Aditya Private ITI

ITI (Industrial Training Institute) is constituted under DGET (Directorate General Employment and Training), Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, and union government to provide training in various trades, which also give exposure to ITI students on advanced technology in the present scenario.


  • Approved by DGET, New Delhi.
  • Aditya Private ITI is affiliated to the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT), Government of India, New Delhi.
  • Recognized by Directorate of Technical Education and Training, Government of M.P.


  • Fire Technology & Industrial Safety Management
  • Fitter
  • Electrician
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  • Computer hardware & networking
  • Health Safety & Environment



Fire Technology & Industrial Safety Management-

  • Duration of course – 1 year
  • Qualification – 10th pass & Above


  • Duration of course- 2 year
  • Qualification -Hsc pass & Above


  • Duration of course-2 year
  • Qualification -Hsc pass & Above

Diesel Mechanic-

  • Duration of course – 1 year
  • Qualification -Hsc pass & Above

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning-

  • Duration of course – 2 year
  • Qualification -Hsc pass & Above

Computer hardware & networking-

  • Duration of course – 1 year
  • Qualification -Hsc pass & Above

Health Safety & Environment

  • Duration of course – 1 year
  • Qualification -Hsc pass & Above

Fire Technology & Industrial Safety Management:-
Fire Technology provides many options and opportunities for those who are interested in grabbing the chance to develop and learn something new. The scope is very vast in the field of manufacturing, chemicals, handling bottling plants.

Fitter is one of the best trade of ITI in terms of job and work. In this trade, you have to work on iron metal with different types of files and also they provide you knowledge about drilling, grinding, and lathe machine. The future job prospects are great in this trade but you have to put so much hard work in terms of physical labor because most of the things you have to do with your hands and it is going to be a tough job and if u just want an easy-going computer trade where you don’t need to work with so much heat and only air-conditioning rooms.

An electrician is a tradesman specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines, and related equipment. Electricians may be employed in the installation of new electrical components or the maintenance and repair of existing electrical infrastructure, Electricians may also specialize in wiring ships, airplanes, and other mobile platforms.

Diesel Mechanic:-
Diesel engines are more strong and heavier than fuel engines. Likewise, they are more fuel productive than gas engines, to a limited extent in light of the fact that the higher pressure proportions found in diesel engines help change over a higher rate of the fuel into force. Diesel mechanics diagnose engine trouble, destroy the engine when essential, and supplant or repair inadequate parts. They reassemble the motor and repair mechanical and electrical blames in development machinery.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning:-
Refrigeration mechanics introduce, administration, and repair modern and business refrigerating frameworks and a mixed bag of refrigeration hardware. They take after diagrams, outline determinations, and producers’ guidelines to introduce engines, compressors, consolidating units, evaporators, channeling, and different parts. Air-conditioning controls the temperature, moistness, and aggregate air quality in private, business, mechanical, and different structures. By giving an atmosphere controlled environment, refrigeration frameworks make it conceivable to store and transport sustenance, pharmaceutical, and other perishable things. Cooling, and refrigeration mechanics and installers—additionally called professionals to introduce, keep up, and repair such systems.

Computer hardware & networking-
Computer Hardware & Network personnel is to support and maintain computer systems, desktops, and peripherals. This includes installing, diagnosing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading all hardware and equipment while ensuring optimal workstation performance. The person will also troubleshoot problem areas in a timely and accurate fashion, and provide end-user training and assistance where required. Install, maintain, and set up LAN with Internet Connection.

Health Safety & Environment:-
Health Safety and Environment (HSE) refer to a branch, or department, within a company that is responsible for the observance and protection of occupational health and safety rules and regulations along with environmental protection. Health, safety, and the environment are also often referred to as environmental health and safety or safety, health, and environment.