ASPS ( Aditya Shiksha Prasar Sansthan)

ASPS Teachers Education Institute is a leading and dynamic institution with an unrivaled reputation in the pre-serving training of teachers. The institute has provided the right environment and intellectual stimulus for developing sensitive teachers, who always engage themselves in the task of the teaching & learning process. The institute has aimed to create an excellent teacher who will look after the future of the country and can contribute to the growth of the country.


  • ASPS is approved by NCTE New Delhi.
  • ASPS is affiliated to Awadhesh Pratap Singh University (for B.ED).
  • Board of Secondary Education Madhya Pradesh Bhopal (for D.ED).


  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
  • Diploma of Elementary Education (D.Ed.)


Course Duration-

  • B.Ed- 2 years,full-time
  • D.Ed-2 years,full-time

B.Ed (Bachelor of Education):-
The course specifically caters to the students who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching and related fields. It is a skill-based training program that imparts knowledge to students regarding all aspects of classroom teaching. Career options for B.Ed. degree holders include not only teaching but also working as educational writers for various newspapers, magazines, journals, and websites.

Diploma of Elementary Education (D.Ed.):-
After completing 2 years long academic program, D.Ed. professionals become eligible to work at elementary level schools, nurseries, and similar educational institutes imparting elementary education. This teacher training course suits those who want to teach at lower (elementary) level schools. It is evident from the above list that D.Ed. the academic program boasts a holistic mixture of educational technology, teaching skills, and subject-wise knowledge.