Civil Engineering

The country is undergoing a massive expansion of infrastructure in the country, creating thousands of job opportunities for civil engineers. The department is having well qualified and experienced faculty for teaching diverse subjects of civil engineering. Civil Engineering virtually touches all facets of our life. Over the years, many specializations have developed that are catering to the special needs of projects such as geotechnical engineering, public health engineering., hydraulics, structure, highway engineering, bridge engineering, earthquake engineering, construction planning & management, environmental engineering, Irrigation engineering. Just to cite a few. As complexities involved in the projects are so are narrower fields of specialization are developing.

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil

      • Duration- 4 years
      • Eligibility- JEE/ 12 with PCM


Civil engineers are employed in all the major construction projects carried out by the state or central government like the public works. Civil engineers can find opportunities in any of the following categories…

  • Bachelor Of Engineering In Civil
  • Building Services Engineer
  • Site Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Water Engineer
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Dam & Building Designer