Fire Technology & Industrial Safety Management Engineering

Fire Technology & Industrial Safety Management is a 4- year undergraduate industrial-based engineering course. It provides students with the prowess to create an atmosphere of safety against fire. Safety and Fire Engineering course explores various ways of preventing fire and protecting the surroundings. It is defined as a science of designing buildings and fire safety and property protection.

The course provides an overview of areas like the protection of people, property, and the environment. Safety and Fire cover the study of simulated fire-fighting exercises along with applied physics, chemistry, and mathematics. It also involves the comprehensive study of subjects that deal with the designing of safer fire-resistant equipment, in-depth knowledge of fire, its properties, hazards, and control measures.

The major objective of the Fire Technology & Industrial Safety Management course is to prepare students to excel in areas related to the protection of people, property, and the environment. Typically, safety and fire engineers are trained to:

  • Anticipate, identify and evaluate hazardous conditions and practices
  • Develop hazard control designs, methods, procedures, and programs
  • Draft a future safety plan and statement based on real-time experiences and facts
  • Measure, audit and evaluate the efficiencies of accident-prone processes
  • Implement, administer and advise others on hazard control programs
  • B. Tech. in Fire Tech & Industrial Safety Management Engineering-
    • Duration-4 years
    • Eligibility- JEE/12th with PCM


Fire and safety officer, Safety Supervisor, Fire and Safety Consultant, Risk Assessor, Fire and Safety Engineer, Planning and Design Specialist, Safety Instructor.

Carrier & scope

Government Fire fighting Department, Oil companies refineries, chemical plant industries, electricity boards, fire safety training institutes, construction firms, armed forces, government department, municipal corporation, energy firms, safety consultancies.