Our students are good sports persons too. They actively participate in the sports activities. Our students have won volley ball & Basket Ball , cricket matches at inter-college level and state level tournaments.

. The college excels in inculcating & encouraging ethos in its students by providing excellent sport infrastructure. The specialized sport wing includes intensive training by instructors.

The laurels and accolades received by the college teams bear testimony to the outstanding performance of this wing. In tune with the objective of all round development of students, various sporting and physical development activities are encouraged amongst students.
To enable students to enjoy sports, the campus is equipped with football field, cricket field, basket ball & Volley Ball courts etc.

An annual function for cultural, sports & literary activities is organized to encourage interaction between various colleges and to promote competition of high standards.The main aim of these extra-curricular activities is to promote the holistic growth and development of a student’s personality. They also get an opportunity to explore and discover their potential. By participating in various activities, the students can develop skills to organize and create new forms of activities. They develop skills for effective oral and written communication. Those students who actively participate in the activities are given various medals, certificates, awards and prizes in recognition of their talent, significant contribution and organizational skills.

Workshops as well as competitive events are organized from time to time to enable students to pursue their interest and sharpen their skills.