B. Ed is called Bachelor of Education in India. Teaching profession is chosen by students these days and many teaching institutes in India have emerged with private B. Ed colleges in India and Government B. Ed Colleges in India. Teacher training colleges in India offers best quality education, in the Top B. Ed institutes in India. B.Ed. course comprises a platform to enhance and enrich innate capabilities lying in the trainees, by organizing various co-curricular activities.


Aditya Shiksha Prasar Sansthan was established in 2014 with an affiliation to Awadhesh Pratap Singh University, Rewa. This has contributed to the enrichment of the program of building up a new perspective in students with reference to the role of the teacher in shaping the destiny of the nation.

The degree in Bachelor of Education comprises the study of academics. It is popularly called B.Ed. and is needed for those who want to make a career in the field of teaching. Here candidates interested in following a career in any teaching school will aspire for the degree.
The degree can be earned only after completing graduation. These days it is mandatory to earn a degree in B.Ed. before you apply for a teaching job in any teaching facility. The course is of one-year duration and can be done parallel with the graduation final year course. One can apply for distance learning program as well.

The exams are conducted by the National Council for Teacher Education, the authorized board in India to regulate the entrance exam.

Benefits of the course

Those interested in the teaching job only apply for B.Ed., so the career options that are open to them are from the academic field. One can work as a primary, middle or high school teacher based on the specialization. There are plenty of schools and institutes who are in need of good teachers to help improve the quality of the education that is provided to the students. One can also take up private tuitions and conduct classes in their specialized subject. There are plenty of government schools as well as private schools who hire teachers with B.Ed degrees. Besides, there are vacations and plenty of holidays as well.

With experience one can also get a promotion and become a vice principal and later, a principal. Other jobs they can look into include online tutor, education counselor, education consultant, home tutor, etc.


• Aditya Shiksha Prasar Sansthan offers to the society globally competent teachers who are humane, collaborative and multicultural in their outlook.
• To serve the state, nation and global community.
• To providing teachers instilled with the highest standards of professional.
• To ethical behavior and prepared to meet the complex challenges of the society.
• Qualitative contribution through teaching-learning process for the empowerment of the nation.


• To develop an understanding of academic content at a higher level by weaving 21st century interdisciplinary themes into core subjects;
• To develop Learning and Innovation Skills among students and teachers;
• To equip teachers and students with research driven instructional practices;
• To foster life skills and work place skills among students and teachers;
• To empower teachers and students with knowledge, skills and attitude required to create inclusive and multicultural learning environments;
• To instill among the students and teachers the civic virtues and the spirit of giving back to the society multifold.

• To prepare active, confident, self-disciplined, skillful morally mature, socially sensitive.

• Aditya Shiksha Prasar Sansthan enabled future teachers who are ready to learn and work in a rapidly changing, multi-cultural society.

• To contribute highly professional, highly challengeable, highly ethical teachers through rigorous training for comprehensive development of the nation.


• To provide education to all those who desire to be good teachers, without any bias about their caste, creed, religion, some kind of handicap etc.
• To provide well trained teachers to the secondary and higher secondary school sector.
• To inculcate values of community service, national integrity, national pride, religious tolerance, aesthetic sense for the environment earth.
• To develop moral character and good personality of trainees.
• To create awareness among the trainees about needs of the society, social changes, needs to conserve nature and its resources.
• To conduct in-service training programs for the secondary and higher secondary school teachers.